Do you need Level 1 or Level 2 English or Maths to move onto higher or further education?

Learn for Life Enterprise provides the following nationally recognised OCR exams on a monthly basis in Sheffield:

  • English Entry Level / Level 1 / Level 2 in reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Maths Entry Level / Level 1 / Level 2
  • IT Entry Level / Level 1 / Level 2

Book your Level 1 or 2 exams now to meet your entry requirements for College. You can do your exam within 14 days of booking and get onto the course you need. We also offer 10 week preparation courses.

Book online now on our Functional Skills page by clicking here.


English exam*
Speaking and Listening

*£20 per unit or £50 for the full qualification

Maths exam – £30

IT exam – £30